Cover art by Agnes Cecile

Savannah Brown’s long-awaited second collection of poetry is at once philosophical and accessible, just as concerned with the biggest questions of being as the smallest personal desires, which might be one and the same.


London (and occasionally the apocalypse) as a backdrop, Sweetdark explores the transience of existence, the pursuit of vulnerability, pleasure, chaos, and the dichotomy of a life wholly experienced, full of so much darkness and so much sweetness, sometimes in the same breath.


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'Sweetdark, Savannah Brown’s sophomore collection of poetry, explores how we live vulnerably, pleasurably, and chaotically at the end of the world...[she's] the poet articulating your deepest existential fears.'



'In the pursuit of meaning, Savannah Brown unearths a series of glorious messes and existential marvels that left me sitting with one overwhelming feeling: awe.'

—Sophie Dar, blogger and reviewer

'As meticulously crafted as it is personal, Sweetdark oozes with passion and life.'

—Kaiya Shunyata, Obscur Magazine

'This is [Brown's] recurrent theme, through poetry and prose: a mastery of the English language that doesn’t make it past the line into pretentiousness...this is one to savour, not devour in one sitting.'

—Lizzie Wright, The Gryphon

'Brown has succeeded in writing a collection that, though deeply personal, is universally relatable. Sweetdark is a poetic triumph that holds words which will stay with you long after you finish the last page.'

—Sam Wait, Redbrick​