Over thirty years ago, young and promising singer Roxy Raines disappeared. The people of her hometown, the tiny island resort of Sandown, are reluctant to talk about it, proclaiming Roxy as a runaway.

Seventeen-year-old Mona Perry is convinced there's something more sinister at play. Armed only with a suitcase and a microphone — to record her findings for her podcast's listeners — this runaway teenager has one hot summer to get to the bottom of the disappearance.

But as Mona gets drawn deeper and deeper into the strange goings on of this isolated community, it's clear that nothing is as it seems — least of all Mona's own past . . .


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'A beautifully written mystery with a host of fascinating characters, Savannah Brown's new book explores loss  on both the people and the places left behind — and comments on our fascination with true crime in a fresh and thought-provoking way.'

Vincent Ralph, author of Are You Watching?

'A propulsive mystery driven by beautifully raw narration, The Things We Don't See is an honest look at the cost of moving on. Brown's prose reads like a live wire.'

Rory Power, author of Wilder Girls

'The Things We Don't See feels wildly visceral and real, with utterly believable characters, dialogue and chemistry, intertwined with beautiful prose that reels you in and then punches you in the face. I raced through this, especially towards the end, when I also got swallowed up by the island but in the best possible way.'

—Lex Croucher, author of Reputation

'Fast paced, character driven and laced with such beautiful prose, The Things We Don’t See climbed its way to the top of my favourite 2021 books within the first 100 pages...Savannah Brown has written the perfect YA novel.' 

—Eoin Mulligan, bookseller